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Gino Ferreira

Professional Photographer
Orlando, Florida

What makes a great photo?
A photo that makes an impact on a person's emotions and thoughts.

I was introduced to photography at the early age of 17,  inspired by two of my older brothers. They were professional photographers, one in the US Navy (Retired), and the other as profesor of photography in the University of Puerto Rico (Retired). From them, I acquired a great deal of technical and artistic perspectives. I completed photography studies at the University of Puerto Rico.


With photography I have the opportunity to create art and influence people's opinion and emotions. My style and experience includes: Fine Art Photography, Photo impressionist, Portrait, Macros, Glamour, Nudes, Sport, Scenery, Special Events, Photo Journalist, Modeling and Fashion. B&W Laboratory and more.


 * Harry P. Leu Gardens, en Orlando, Florida 2010
 * NYC Exposition, from October 14 to November 26, 2005
 * Circle of Photography, 2005
 * Photos of Puerto Rico, 2005

Photos publish at:
 * Harry P. Leu Gardens, en Orlando, Florida 2010
 * ¡Que Pasa! Magazine
 * Puerto Rico Travel & Tourism
 * Places To Go Magazine
 * Estudios Técnicos, Inc.
 * Verizon PR
 * Axesa
 * Bienvenidos Magazine 

Photo contest:
 * Harry P. Leu Gardens, en Orlando, Florida 2010, First Place
 * Circle of Photographers: first place
 * Puerto Rico National Photo Contest "PhotoPR.Com: second place

Other participation:
 * Judge in photo contest at PhotoPR.Com.

Title: Wedding Dress

Puerto Rico National Photo Contest "PhotoPR.Com":
second place, 2005.

NYC Exposition

October 14 to November 26, 2005
(Scroll down and click the hands under October, 2005.)

This photo was nominated as Excellent Photo in flickr by Fotoguia 2008.
 Thanks Fotoguia.

 Esta foto fue nominada en Flickr por Fotoguia.
Thanks Photoguia, 2008.

Title: Faces in the sun.

First Place Contest
Harry P. Leu Gardens, en Orlando, Florida 2010.


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Nikon en Español D300, D3 
and D700

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Higinio 'Gino' Ferreira

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