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Puerto Rico and the United States.

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Introducción a la Fotografia

Aprendamos de Fotografía con definiciones simples y sencillas en Español.


Photos of Puerto Rico.com
Master photographer, George Collazo


All Digital Nikon

Nikon Digital Photography tips, Nikon news, camera discussions and lens Reviews.

Carmen Brown


Teacher and Artist

Welcome to the Artistic World
Carmen Brown

Welcome to the ACE Index

 The definitive web directory for locating
camera equipment, used cameras, photo labs,
camera repair and photo equipment
manufacturers in 34 countries.

Camera Stores & Camera Repair

Professional Photographer of America

Puerto Rico Sun Communications Blog

Clarisel Gonzalez
Multimedia Journalist, Communications Specialist, Editor and Publisher


At Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/prsun

Taisia Rivera

Trix Bruce

There are words, and then there is Trix Bruce. She can tell you the story of her life, without uttering a word. Trix is a storyteller, a poet, an actress, and a one deaf-woman show.  You will be captivated by her electrifying energy, irresistible sense of humor, open-hearted honest, and rich experience.  Learn where you can see Trix next, and find out how you can book her stunning performances for your next event.



The most deversified communications company in Puerto Rico

Consejos y trucos fotográficos
Nueva sección para aquellos que comienzan en el maravilloso mundo de la fotografía.

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Cartas, Opiniones y Comentarios
Publicaremos cartas sobre temas fotográficos interesantes y constructivos.

Professional Phtographer; Jose Febus

Rafael Ferreira-Brown, Surfing Puerto Rico

All About Photography
English version.

In This section of 
Ferreira Photo.Com
you will find a short 
introduction to Photography in English.



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Nikonians Forum




Music of Enya



Introduction to Photography 

In This section of 
Ferreira Photo.Com
you will find 
a short
to Photography


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Nikon en Español D300, D3 
and D700

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