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La Fotografia

Introducción a la  Fotografía.
Con definiciones simples y sencillas en Español.




Introduction to Photography

Part 5


Abbreviations Commonly use in photography:



AE = Auto Exposure

AF = Auto Focus

AF-S = Silent Wave Motor

AP or (P) = Aperture Priority

APO = Apochromatic

AS = Antishake

CAF = Continuous Auto Focus

DG = Digital

DO = Diffractive Optic Element

DOF = Depth of Field

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

DZ = Digital Zoom

EC = Exposure Compensation

ED, ELD, LD, UD = Low Dispersion Elements

EV = Exposure Value

FL = Fluorite element

FOV = Field of View

HDR = High Dynamic Range

HSM = Hyper Sonic Motor

IF = Internal Focusing

IQ = Image Quality

IR = Infrared

IS = Image Stabilization

ISO = Number indicating a digital camera sensors sensitivity to light

JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group

(M) program = Manual

MF = Manual Focus

MM = Millimeters

ND = Neutral Density

NI = Neat Image - noise reduction software

NN = Noise Ninja – noise reduction software

NR = Noise Reduction

OIS = Optical Image Stabilization

OP = Original Poster – person who starts a new forum topic
OZ = Optical Zoom

PIC, PICS, PIX = Picture

PL = Polarizer

PP = Post Processing

PS = Photoshop

PSE = Photoshop Elements

SLR = Single Lens Reflex

SP or (S) = Shutter Priority

TIFF = Tagged Image File Format

USM = Unsharp Mask and or Ultrasonic Motor

VR = Vibration Reduction

WB = White Balance

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