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La Fotografia

Introducción a la  Fotografía.
Con definiciones simples y sencillas en Español.



Introduction to Photography.

Part 3



Tips for your Portfolio.


Your photography portfolio may be the single most important thing that you can show to potential clients and employers. Your list of qualifications and skills may be impressive, but at the end of the day, clients look at your work - they look for photographers who can produce work that shows technical skill and unique visual talent. A good photography portfolio will do more to boost your career than any other marketing tool in your arsenal
and Bla, bla, bla.

"Let your job (the photos) do the talking"



Include only your best work: 

It's crucial that you include only your very best work in your portfolio, even if your best work isn't necessarily your favorite work. Your photography portfolio should not only show that you've done good work, but also that you have the ability to identify good photo. Choose 15 to 20 pieces that demonstrate your range of technical skill as well as your unique vision. You may want to consider using a portfolio that will allow you to easily change out your work as you grow in your professional photography career.


Get a second opinion:

You can use an outside perspective from time to time. Find someone you trust, someone who's an expert, and get his or her honest opinion of your portfolio.


Customize your portfolio: 

Display your most relevant work. If you're looking for a wedding photography job, don't include examples of your commercial photography work. While there may be occasions where you need to show versatility.


Have a unique perspective: 

What sets you apart from other photographers? What gives your work its individual style and voice? What risks have you taken? Having a unique perspective isn't just essential for your photography portfolio; it's a must for your career. Find the thing that will define your style, (a signature in every photo.


Have different formats available: 

Some clients may prefer to look at a book. Others may want to see your portfolio on CD. Having more than one format available will allow you to communicate with clients in their preferred style. You should also consider building a website where you can display your work. This will allow you to reach an even wider audience of prospective clients


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Breaking the Rules


Once you have learned how to use the various rules and theories of composition (rule of thirds, horizon and others)  it may seem ODD to suggest that you should go out of your way to break them.

But as useful and valid as the rules are, they don't work for every shot or in every situation.

Breaking the rules can help you achieve more impact or drama, and offer a fresh take on an over familiar Subject by presenting it in an unexpected way.

Although breaking the rules implies that anything goes, there are some more accepted ways of composing you shot that don't conform to the normal composition standards. In that sense. (I'm a rebel), I love breaking the rules to create a different perspective and a more dynamic seen.

After all. The idea is to create and impact.



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